Here are a bunch of videos starring us, Robot Swans. To keep up to date with our videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

This is us playing live for Sofar Sounds in Oxford. Awesome night, beautifully filmed!

Is this a music video? I mean, there’s no real artistic intent. We just thought it would be interesting to leave a webcam running while we recorded this track, Pricks Of The Trade. Whatever – it’s something to look at while the song plays.

Sometimes we are self-indulgent. This was one of those times:

There is a curious dearth of footage of us playing live, but a great guy called Alan D filmed a couple of songs at our Gappy Tooth Industries gig at the Jericho Tavern recently. This is a somewhat hectic rendition of our song “Islands”:

Here’s one of those annoying video diaries with shaky camera-work and in-jokes. We went to Bristol and played a gig. It was an experiment in playing with just two of us because Luke couldn’t make it, but the conclusion was that we need all three of us.

Sometimes we make weird instruments. Here are some examples.

We played some acoustic(-ish) versions of our songs for The Couch Sessions.